Carmelita Fox wielding a Shock Pistol, as seen in Sly 2: Band of Thieves

The Shock Pistol is a type of directed-energy weapon employed by Interpol agents, most notably Carmelita Montoya Fox. It is primarily used as a less-lethal means of incapacitating suspects similar to the real-world M26 Taser , but is far more powerful and could cause lethal injury at the higher power settings and/or at very close range. It is also capable of causing significant damage to inanimate objects, even destroying objects as large as a Police cruiser. Unlike the aforementioned Taser, the Shock Pistol fires blasts of electricity instead of launching metal prongs connected by trailing cords, therefore giving it a far greater range and rate of fire as the shooter does not have to reload after each shot. It can also mount a weaponlight above the muzzle for use in low-light conditions. In one installment of Sly Cupid, a modified Shock Pistol was given to Carmelita as a gift by Sly Cooper, the weapon having been modified by Bentley Wiseturtle with help from Heckler & Koch . The improved Shock Pistol fires rounds that home in on targets via static electricity attraction. It also appeared in Dawn of Progeny, wherein Carmen Cooper used it in a training session with her brother Conner Cooper. During the training session, she attempted to shoot Conner with the Shock Pistol on its' lowest power setting. The training session resulted in Conner manifesting his ability to short out electronic devices similar to an electromagnetic pulse, rendering the Shock Pistol useless even though it had a full power cell.