Darius Vai (full name Darius Tyger Vai) is a Kew Watcher and a reoccurring character in the Reflections series. He appears as a well-dressed badger; often (but not always) wearing a suit & tie and carrying a cane. As with all Kew Watchers, he is duty-bound to observe individuals of clairvoyant species as they lead their lives, Darius being assigned to observe Marcus of the Cardinal Sun, a member of the Cerinian Royal Family. Following the destruction of Cerinia and the near-extinction of the Cerinian race, Darius was reassigned to observe one of the few survivors, whom as fate would have it happened to be Marcus' daughter, Krystal. Due to Darius' previous experience as Marcus' watcher, he had had the opportunity of observing Krystal as well since she was born. After prolonged years observing Krystal, he began to form an emotional attachment to her, which led him to break with standard Watcher protocol and make contact with her, an act considered strictly taboo among his people. During one of their encounters, the two made an agreement that Darius would take on the role of Watcher to her child, which he later kept when he assumed the role of Watcher for Marcus McCloud.

Abilities Edit

As with all the native inhabitants of Kew, Darius is capable of teleportation, allowing him to come and go practically anywhere at will.The full extent of these abilities are unknown, though in Reflections of Regret, he appeared aboard the Cloud Runner as Krystal was just entering Kew's atmosphere. He also shares the ability of his kind to shield his thoughts from telepathic species, making him virtually undetectable to all but the most skilled of clairvoyant species. This proves vital to his role as a watcher, though he sometimes lets his defenses lapse around Krystal during their encounters, the vixen often empathically detecting his presence before seeing him when he chooses to reveal himself to her.