Karla Chintzy in Stasis

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Cryogenic Stasis has been used in several of Kit's stories. One of the first uses of this technology was for Fara Phoenix in Reflections of a New Generation , when she is seen alive after previously thought to be dead. The scene of Fara being put into stasis by her family is in Chapter 18 of Reflections of Fox McCloud .

In Chapter 21 of Reflections of a New Generation , Fara Phoenix offers to put Jane Flowers into stasis on Eladard to save her life in the future, because Jane is dying from radiation poisoning.

Another use of this technology in Karamak's stories occurs in the Lament of Carmelita and Dawn of Progeny stories. The Cooper Gang locates Karla Chintzy in chapter 16 of Dawn of Progeny and she's released from her torpor stasis after two decades. (See picture)

Later in the story, Conner Cooper has a theory that his family may not have been dispatched by the lead antagonist. He and his friends come to the conclusion that they may be in stasis so that they retain their 'hostage' status without needing to be fed, cared for and also to remove the possibility for escape.

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