The Aerospace Ballistics Combat Direct Express is a type of directed-energy weapon appearing in Reflections of Regret. It is a blaster pistol manufactured by Aerospace Ballistics, a division of Space Dynamics. It was given to Fox McCloud as a gift for his 30th birthday by Falco Lombardi. As with most directed-energy weapons in Kit's stories, the weapon has adjustable power settings with effects ranging from mildly stunning an average-sized person, to delivering a blast capable of penetrating the hull of an Arwing II fighter. It is also capable of mounting accessories on the frame ahead of the trigger guard, such as a laser pointer or weaponlight. The example used by Fox in the story is customized in that it has the Star Fox logo emblazoned upon it, as well as a ported barrel to reduce muzzle climb, allowing the user to reacquire targets more quickly. He first uses it when his Arwing II is disabled by Octoman over Kew. Unable to eject from his powerless fighter, he blasts through the bottom of the cockpit to reach a lever normally used during ground maintenance, the lever deploying an anti-gravity parachute to break his fall enough to keep him from being killed on impact. After surviving the crash, he uses the weapon as a makeshift cutting tool to fashion crude tools from his fighter, as well as to engage soldiers under Octoman's control. He was stripped of it when he and Krystal were overpowered and captured during an assault on Octoman's base, though reclaimed it after Octoman was defeated. The general appearance of the weapon is based off of the blaster pistol utilized by Fox in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.